Art Club travels to Ancient Egypt

We’d traveled back to the cave people time, to the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia, and our next trip in history for art club was to Ancient Egypt where we learned about deities, pharaohs, the Nile, papyrus, and hieroglyphics! We watched this awesome video, then thanks to the awesome GT teacher Ms. Heitt, the kids … Continue reading

Getting to know Leonardo DaVinci

Another in the Getting to Know series was Leonardo Di Vinci. The students watched a brief video on his life and then were asked to draw something that they remembered! Mona Lisa:   Vetruvian Man: Inventions: The Artist himself: Just wonderful!

Getting to know Michaelangelo

Great sub plan is to have the students watch a video from the Getting to Know: series, and then they draw something they remember from the video. This group watched the video on Michaelangelo, and I saw wonderful drawings of Michaelangelo with his chisel, standing on a scaffold, the Sistine Chapel, David, and more. But … Continue reading

Royality Masks from the Ancient Near East

Art Club’s next stop through time was learning about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, modern day Iran/Iraq/Saudi Arabia, the cradle of civilization. We examined art work from the Ancient Near East collection at  Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Then with pre-made masks, they got busy!   Wonderful!

Kindergarten Painted Shape Mice

Introducing color mixing to 5 year olds is always a fun yet challenging process. Proper brush technique: Mr. Paintbrush is the super hero of the art room, he sweeps away Mr. Blob! Use him like a broom. Hold it like a pencil. Mr. Paintbrush doesn’t like his hair messed up. No Sally, we don’t paint … Continue reading

The Cave Paintings of Lascaux

Art Club has started back up and in full swing! The sign up list only allotted for 30 names, along with a reserve list of another 30 names for replacements when students inevitably drop out, plus the extra added 15 names of kids that still wanted in before I could take the sign up lists … Continue reading

Teaching Artist

Something I like to do in my classes is let the students know that I am in fact an artist as well as their teacher. A few weeks ago I entered a juried art show with the Pearland Art League, and ended up winning best in show!

The winning painting, "Late Night (Burgundy St.)" and Lauren Luna.

The winning painting, “Late Night (Burgundy St.)” and Lauren Luna.

Best in Show!

Best in Show!

Even made it into the news!

Lauren Luna Best in show PAL


Lauren Luna, teaching artist

And next week I’ll be commended by our school board! COOL!

Ms. Luna's signature

The Academy of Art University  

Our district is really pushing college interest for our kiddos. I’ve been wanting to introduce my students to my alma mater, The Academy of Art University for some time. For whatever reason, their brochures never made it to me. So I called upon a professor/art collector there, and he was able to ship me out … Continue reading

More Summertime Fun

My principal asked me to come and do a few art classes during the summer, this allowed me to use some of the craft materials willed to me by the last art teacher. So here’s what we made!


Paper Mache cupcakes!

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!


Oatmeal Can Windsocks

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D  Mondrian Sculptures

Keith Haring Bodies

Keith Haring Bodies Keith Haring Bodies

For the back to school bulletin board!

Get it??

Get it??


What a summer!

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New Classroom Decor

The beginning of the year bulletin boards and new door decor is up! Silly me for making the door look like a chalk board,  and actually using chalk! DUH! Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. White paint marker to the rescue!           I need more wall space!!!

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