1st grade Rodeo ’16

For this year’s Rodeo, I’m challenging myself to have every single class in all of the grade levels working on something different so that there is more variety to pick from to be on display at the Alvin ISD Rodeo Show. All of the projects were selected based upon what the particular grade levels have … Continue reading

Back to school! Let’s Grow! 

All of the classes, 5th down to Kindergarten made flowers to go into the Van Gogh-esque flower pots on the bulletin board outside the art room.  I’m trying to prevent the constant draw, erase, draw erase, by explaining what to do when they make a “mistake”.  I think the flowers turned out great!  Great job … Continue reading

Cubic Music

3rd graders have done quite a few projects with Pablo Picasso, so instead of faces, the used instruments. They were instructed to draw their instruments huge filling up the space of the box. (This is something they still struggle with) Then they traced their lines with a permanent marker then paint with watercolor. 

Here are the results!

3rd grade cubist instruments3rd grade cubist instruments

3rd grade cubist instruments3rd grade Picasso
Good job 3rd graders

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Van Gogh’s Bedroom

5th grade’s chosen artist was Van Gogh. They learned about perspective, and it was a geometry heavy lesson. Very challenging for them to get away from their old way of thinking things looked!    We ran out of time, so not many got to add color. But here’s one example.

Art Club visits the Menil

This is Art Club’s second year, and I try to make sure we visit an art musuem every year.  The Menil Collection is a great collection of art from antiquity to modern, and all for free. They don’t allow photography inside, but you can just see the joy on Art Club’s faces! 

Royality Masks from the Ancient Near East

Art Club’s next stop through time was learning about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, modern day Iran/Iraq/Saudi Arabia, the cradle of civilization. We examined art work from the Ancient Near East collection at  Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Then with pre-made masks, they got busy!


Art Station Day!

Every once in a while, some of the classes will finish a project ahead of some of the others. When that happens, the completed classes get to have Art Stations! It’s one of their favorite activities. The room is just completely a buzz with creation! Take a look!




Art Rocks Y’all!

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Spring Paper Sculptures

 Spring is in full swing over here! Our sculpture project for 2nd grade was with paper! They made waves of paper for their ponds. Then they followed a teacher led drawing of a lily pad and frog for their finishing touches!  This super creative fella forewent the white paper, and made his frogs from green … Continue reading

Starry Night 

After the completion of Youth Art Month, the grades were then  given one of the three artists to focus in on. 2nd grade’s artist was Vincent Van Gogh, and we did our versions of Starry Night. Using a metallic crayon, they first drew the painting, using directional lines, just like the master painter himself. Then … Continue reading

1st & 2nd Meet Romare Bearden

Black History Month means focusing on a black artist, both 1st and 2nd grades learned about one of my favorite artist from the Harlem Renaissance, Romare Bearden!  He looked at several examples of his work, and discussed what the word collage meant. Then they got to work!  1st grade had to build a person, they … Continue reading