More Summertime Fun

My principal asked me to come and do a few art classes during the summer, this allowed me to use some of the craft materials willed to me by the last art teacher. So here’s what we made!


Paper Mache cupcakes!

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!


Oatmeal Can Windsocks

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D  Mondrian Sculptures

Keith Haring Bodies

Keith Haring Bodies Keith Haring Bodies

For the back to school bulletin board!

Get it??

Get it??


What a summer!

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New Classroom Decor

The beginning of the year bulletin boards and new door decor is up! Silly me for making the door look like a chalk board,  and actually using chalk! DUH! Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. White paint marker to the rescue!           I need more wall space!!!

Summer Enrichment: Art Around the World

My district offers courses for the students to take that range from Physical Education to Cooking based on literature to Techno-Wars to Chess! Of course, I teach art! Last year, I taught a painting color theory class, this year we did Art Around the World!  We learned about different countries and the traditional art or … Continue reading

Memorial Mosaic Mural

Here at our school we had a few tragic losses, one of which being a current teacher who passed away on the first day of school. Our principal thought it would be a great gesture to turn my idea of doing a mosaic on our school wall into a memorial. So after the project was … Continue reading

Symmetrical City Reflections

The first graders got a lesson in symmetry! We spoke about how there was an imaginary line down the middle of things, if one side was the same as the other, we would have symmetry. Then we turned into ninjas and HIIIII-YAed around the classroom to see what was symmetrical and what wasn’t after looking … Continue reading

Symmetrical Sailboats

The kindies… just love their sponge like brains ready to absorb all the mathematical information that was given to them during this math/art mash-up unit. They learned about the word symmetry, and some of them even learned the cognate word in Spanish, symmetria. They learned about the line of symmetry cutting something down the middle … Continue reading

Frank Stella’s Protractor Series

The 4th graders learned about artist Frank Stella and specifically his protractor series of paintings. Since angles are apart of the 4th grade math curriculum they were able to appreciate the geometry found within Stella’s paintings. Some of the 4th graders in Art Club recognized his name when we went to the art Museum! These … Continue reading

Romare Bearden Collages

  Romare Bearden has always been an artist  near and dear to my heart, because of my undergraduate work on the Harlem Renaissance, and having the pleasure to work at the gallery he and several  artists of that era founded in New York City. I was super excited to introduce my art club to one … Continue reading

Art Club Goes to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Early Saturday morning we loaded up twenty-six 3-5th graders onto a bus to go into Houston to the Fine Arts Museum! I grabbed two of the art room’s iPads and we had student photographers to document the whole trip! We walked through the sculpture garden:                     … Continue reading

Charles Demuth Math/Art Mashup

3rd grade is learning about Charles Demuth and specifically his painting The Figure 5 In Gold. After looking at several of Demuth’s paintings and discussing how he used diagonal lines to break up his picture plane, they were told to think of a number between 2-9. Then they were given a sheet of 12 x … Continue reading

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