ABC I Like Me

Our new project was addressing the art principle of color. We first visualized a rainbow in our heads, and then discussed the colors we saw. This allowed them to be introduced to Roy G. Biv! After that we watched a video. Then talked about that there were only three colors that can make all the … Continue reading

Cuban Tody Bird Plates

Our school is having a parent night next week and a few of the classes will be performing. One of the teachers asked me if I could do something extra special for a class of second graders to show off for the performance. Since they are singing a song by Cuban singer Celia Cruz, we … Continue reading

Ketchup Day

Only seeing each class once a week sometimes can be problematic if there is a holiday, P.D. Day, a student is absent, etc., because now a student or even the entire class is behind the other classes. So to remedy this, we have Ketchup Day, where we catch up on projects they are behind on. … Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month

Monday September 16th was Mexican Independence Day, and since this school serves a very large amount of this population, what better way to celebrate the kick off of Hispanic Heritage Month, than with a lesson about Mexico’s Independence from Spain! Students were able to learn about their ancestry and for others to learn about other … Continue reading