Kinder Printed and Collaged Cities

Oh the mess! Printmaking and five year olds is not an easy task. You would have taught I’d learned my lesson with our Black History Month project. Guess I’m glutton for punishment, but here we are again. Learning about the artist Romare Bearden, what skyscrapers were and how fast the art teacher can move around … Continue reading

Kindergarten Rodeo ’16

All five of the kindergarten classes will be working on different Rodeo Art projects so that there is more variety for the show in January. Here they are! Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday:

Family Portraits 

As part of our self-awareness unit, the 1st graders made family portraits. The heads were pre-drawn using the inside of the masking tape roll, and then we talked about overlapping so the kids would draw complete bodies for a more realistic looking portraits.


Great Job!

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Getting to know Leonardo DaVinci

Another in the Getting to Know series was Leonardo Di Vinci. The students watched a brief video on his life and then were asked to draw something that they remembered! Mona Lisa:   Vetruvian Man: Inventions: The Artist himself: Just wonderful!

Getting to know Michaelangelo

Great sub plan is to have the students watch a video from the Getting to Know: series, and then they draw something they remember from the video. This group watched the video on Michaelangelo, and I saw wonderful drawings of Michaelangelo with his chisel, standing on a scaffold, the Sistine Chapel, David, and more. But … Continue reading

Teaching Artist

Something I like to do in my classes is let the students know that I am in fact an artist as well as their teacher. A few weeks ago I entered a juried art show with the Pearland Art League, and ended up winning best in show!

The winning painting, "Late Night (Burgundy St.)" and Lauren Luna.

The winning painting, “Late Night (Burgundy St.)” and Lauren Luna.

Best in Show!

Best in Show!

Even made it into the news!

Lauren Luna Best in show PAL


Lauren Luna, teaching artist

And next week I’ll be commended by our school board! COOL!

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The Academy of Art University  

Our district is really pushing college interest for our kiddos. I’ve been wanting to introduce my students to my alma mater, The Academy of Art University for some time. For whatever reason, their brochures never made it to me. So I called upon a professor/art collector there, and he was able to ship me out … Continue reading

New Classroom Decor

The beginning of the year bulletin boards and new door decor is up! Silly me for making the door look like a chalk board,  and actually using chalk! DUH! Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. White paint marker to the rescue!           I need more wall space!!!

Frank Stella’s Protractor Series

The 4th graders learned about artist Frank Stella and specifically his protractor series of paintings. Since angles are apart of the 4th grade math curriculum they were able to appreciate the geometry found within Stella’s paintings. Some of the 4th graders in Art Club recognized his name when we went to the art Museum! These … Continue reading

Art Club Goes to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Early Saturday morning we loaded up twenty-six 3-5th graders onto a bus to go into Houston to the Fine Arts Museum! I grabbed two of the art room’s iPads and we had student photographers to document the whole trip! We walked through the sculpture garden:                     … Continue reading