4th grade Music Collages

4th grade also learned about Romare Bearden and they had a spin on their Black History Month collagraphs, and made music related Collages! They were allowed to use any music related idea! They definitely used their knowledge from the prior project and turned it up a notch!  Advertisements

2nd grade chalk pastel trees

Second grade explored chalk pastels with these super cute trees. We added water to paint the pastel onto the picture like water color, and ended with oil pastel on top for details Great job! 

4th grade Snow resist 

Fourth grade got another lesson in how to draw trees using the “Y” technique. Can you see the “Y’s”? Then they used white oil pastel to make the ground and the snow in the sky, and finally painted the entire paper with blue/purple watercolor. Beautiful!

Tints & Shades

2nd grade is learning about tints and shades. We started with a white moon and they learned to always put the darker color into the lighter color, and on our palettes they mixed different tints of their given color. Once we arrived at the same color we were given, we then started to add black … Continue reading

4th grade Warm/Cool Fall Leaves

These guys were given an option of four different types of leaves to draw, and then they used warm colored oil pastels to color them in. They then used cool colors to draw lines either, horizontal, diagonal, or vertical behind the leaf and finally make a black border on the perimeter.  

3rd grade Polar Bears

These projects are so super cute! They were so excited to find out about what a resist meant!

3rd grade Fall Birch Trees

This year’s 3rd graders were last year’s 2nd graders who rocked shadowed birch trees for their winter projects! So building on this, we painted these awesome fall birch trees. Awesome!

2016 Alvin ISD Houston Rodeo Contestants

Out of 850 kids, there can be only 27. Congrats to those chosen!   5th: 4th: 3rd: 2nd: 1st: Kindergarten:

Color Wheel Birds

Kindergarten and first grades used pre-made circles, a few examples of mine, and watercolor crayons to make these awesomely cute color wheel birds. 2nd grade got a little more involved with the “baby birds” representing the tertiary colors.  Grades 3-5 Folded squares of paper then mixed primary colors to make these colorful peacock/turkey hybrids! Color … Continue reading

4th grade Rodeo ’16

All five of the 4th grade classes are doing different projects so there is more variety for the show in January. Here they are! Monday: Rooster Molas Bringing a bit of culture into the Western lesson, 4th grade learned about Panamanian Molas, and then made their own! This lesson reviewed different types of lines, and … Continue reading