Book Character Dress Up Day

There can only be one Mrs. Frizzle, but I was Mrs. Frizzle of the art room! Of course with my hand painted Starry Night shoes to match the painting on my dress! We had such a great day today! Advertisements

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

This Mexican Holiday is the day after Halloween and a common misconception is that it’s just the Mexican version. Art Club learned that this day is celebrated to honor those loved ones who have passed away. In Catholic religion it is called All Souls Day. Large parties are held, parades, and gifts are left for … Continue reading

“Pop”ping Rodeo Art Animals

Since we had just finished the Mola’s, the third graders were well versed in negative space, which them helped them draw from observation of the photos of farm animals I had provided for them. So on a small piece of paper, they drew, and drew, and drew. The were instructed to draw what they saw … Continue reading

2nd’s Native American Sunset

For the second grade’s Rodeo Art project, we worked on drawing Native Americans facing away from the viewer and toward the sunrise/set. This lesson was chock full of math vocabulary! We started each design by drawing a horizontal line, which they were asked every time we began a new row. What do we start our … Continue reading

Math Filled 1sties Native American Vessels

1st grades’ Rodeo Art project is so exciting because of all the vocabulary they are using! They first used templates I cut out from poster board to trace around the three different sized vessels with a pencil. Then they went back and erased the lines that were overlapping, to give the illusion of one vessel … Continue reading

5th Grade Rodeo Portraits

5th grade’s Rodeo portraits began with me taking a photograph of them. The using a Photoshop filter, I reduced the photograph to just lines. ¬†Using the windows as a light box, the students then traced over the lines of the photograph onto a sheet of white paper.   Once they were complete, they had the … Continue reading

4th Grade Rodeo Roosters

One thing I learned from last year was, when introducing students to a new media, it may be wise to let them try it out first and see what it can do, before working on a major project. Live and learn…   Found these awesome chalk pastel technique worksheets here, and found out that this … Continue reading

Artist’s Expo

Seven professional artists graced our school all day presenting to all of the kids grades k-5! They are now the inaugural group for an event that will now be ANNUAL!!! So excited!!! We had John Delafield, a potter.     Anat Ronen, a chalk artist and muralist. Terry Fromm, metalsmith and jewelry maker. Beverley Clayton, … Continue reading

Native American Vessels Kindie Style

Ah the kindies. They are so wonderful! Last week we learned about different types of lines. To get us ready for this week, to start on our Rodeo Art project! I drew a vessel for them to use as a template, and my awesome art room helpers made sure they didn’t mark on anything but … Continue reading