Spring Paper Sculptures

 Spring is in full swing over here! Our sculpture project for 2nd grade was with paper! They made waves of paper for their ponds. Then they followed a teacher led drawing of a lily pad and frog for their finishing touches!  This super creative fella forewent the white paper, and made his frogs from green … Continue reading

Starry Night 

After the completion of Youth Art Month, the grades were then  given one of the three artists to focus in on. 2nd grade’s artist was Vincent Van Gogh, and we did our versions of Starry Night. Using a metallic crayon, they first drew the painting, using directional lines, just like the master painter himself. Then … Continue reading

1st & 2nd Meet Romare Bearden

Black History Month means focusing on a black artist, both 1st and 2nd grades learned about one of my favorite artist from the Harlem Renaissance, Romare Bearden!  He looked at several examples of his work, and discussed what the word collage meant. Then they got to work!  1st grade had to build a person, they … Continue reading

Warhol Prints

Sometimes one can be struck with utter genius! I am so excited about these projects because they came out so well!!!  After Youth Art Month, all of the classes are working on their final projects of the year, based upon one of the artists introduced. The 4th grade, focused on Andy Warhol.  They first folded … Continue reading

Recycled Magazine Bowls

 5th grade used recycled magazines to create their bowls! After a quick lesson on how to fold the pages, they set off! Check them out!       Awesome!      

3rd grade Free Chickens

 Third’s second project was to watch a How-to video on YouTube on how to draw a rooster. They followed along, and then we’re told to put their rooster…somewhere. This is what they did!             

Wire Bird Sculptures

4th grade used wire for their sculptures. An example of a wire contour line bird was shown on the board. They were given very basic instructions about the characteristics of a bird and bending wire, and they were set loose!  Instructions: You only get two pieces of wire and some beads,  Make a bird!   … Continue reading

Picasso’s Flowers for Peace

March was Youth Art Month, and each week we covered a new artist; Picasso, Warhol and Van Gogh.  Each class is working on a project based upon one of those artists. Kindergarten is learning about Picasso’s Bouquet for Peace, here are our masterpieces!   They were all given different shades of green paper, which we … Continue reading

1st Watercolor Roosters

1st graders had another Rodeo Art project, this time using a rooster. We did this together as they followed along in the steps that I drew as an example. Once their roosters were drawn, they added a few details with crayon for a resist, and then finished up using watercolor. It’s so awesome to see … Continue reading

Andy Warhol Flowers 

 The month of March was Youth Art Month, in awareness of this, the classes learned about a new artist every week. We learned about Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.  Now we are making our artwork in the styles of these artists!  First grade reviewed Andy Warhol, and learned about his flower painting!  … Continue reading