Eco Art Mandalas

Here in Houston we have a wonderful reuse location called the Art Asylum, and I traveled out there one beautiful fall day for their teacher sale. Armed with several brown paper bags, about twenty other teachers and myself, grabbed everything in site that we could get our hands on for our rooms. One thing I … Continue reading

What Snowmen Do at Night

The 3rd graders learned about value and how to add a color to white slowly, so that they could get a gradation of the color from white to the actual color!   Then we read the book, What Do Snowmen Do at Night? And we discussed the use of color in the illustrations of the … Continue reading

Painted Winter Landscapes

4th grade discussed landscapes and what might be found in them. Then they used a mixture of blue, black, and white to paint the entire background of their papers. Once dry, they learned how to paint a big black tree into the foreground. They also learned a technique called dry brushing which they used to … Continue reading

2nd grade Crayon Resist Landscapes

The second graders discussed landscapes. We spoke about all the different things you may see in a winter landscape specifically. Then they drew on white paper with a white crayon! Then like magic, when they painted over their drawings with a blue/black combination of watercolor, their drawings appeared!     Wonderful!

1st grade Winter Landscapes

Our firsties learned about the words landscape, collage and mixed media. They first cut out rectangles of cool colored tissue paper, then painted on a black winter tree, followed by painting on falling snow. These were so great! Way to go!    

Origami Relief Snowflakes

The 5th graders reviewed what symmetry was, then it was extended into a new word, radial symmetry. We discussed examples of where one might find radial symmetry, ig. Pizza, bicycle wheels, etc. Then we started talking about origami. After watching these videos, and practicing, the students were set loose, to make their own paper sculpture … Continue reading

Penguin Families

Ah the kindies! Every day it’s cuteness overload! For our winter project we talked about families and we briefly talked about who lived with them and we could count all the names they gave. After that conversation, they were given a piece of black paper where they were instructed to draw a large letter “U” … Continue reading