360 degrees with the Second Grade

Its Math/Art Mashup time in the art room. All grades are getting a little dose of “Whaaaa that’s math?!? This is art class!!!” Pow! Second graders learned about compasses today! And how many degrees were in a circle! They used the compasses to make different sized circles but were limited to using complementary colors. Pretty … Continue reading

Kinder Easter Egg Baskets

What’s an art teacher to do on the day before Easter break, and is all burnt out? Model Magic Easter Egg baskets! Pinch, roll, and shape! Lets hear it for great ideas! And an awesome group of kids!

Picasso Faces

This years’ group of 2nd graders have been getting their fill of art history. While I wait for other classes to complete a project, I’ll do a quick art history lesson with the classes that are finished. So this time we learned about Pablo Picasso! We watched a super awesome slide show of his work, … Continue reading

Op Art w/ 5th grade

Some of my students aren’t painters. Some of them aren’t draw-ers. Oddly, this project made those forementioned students SHINE! We watched a brief video on M.C. Escher to introduce to them that math can also be found in art. Then we watch a video on Vaserely, the pioneer artist of Op Art. Then we started … Continue reading

Mouse Paint Color Wheels

Kindies are getting a little dose of color theory, by learning primary and secondary colors! So first we painted three 5×7 pieces of white paper, primary. (sorry no photos. Monitoring 30 kindies with paint takes all my attention) Then mixers were assigned at each table to find out what color we got when we mixed … Continue reading