Kinder Printed and Collaged Cities

Oh the mess! Printmaking and five year olds is not an easy task. You would have taught I’d learned my lesson with our Black History Month project. Guess I’m glutton for punishment, but here we are again. Learning about the artist Romare Bearden, what skyscrapers were and how fast the art teacher can move around … Continue reading

Art Station Day!

Every once in a while, some of the classes will finish a project ahead of some of the others. When that happens, the completed classes get to have Art Stations! It’s one of their favorite activities. The room is just completely a buzz with creation! Take a look!




Art Rocks Y’all!

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2016 Rodeo Contestants

Here they are! Kinder: 1st Grade: 2nd Grade: 3rd Grade: 4th Grade: 5th Grade:     I think we should be bringing home the trophy again this year! These are AWESOME!                                              

Getting to know Leonardo DaVinci

Another in the Getting to Know series was Leonardo Di Vinci. The students watched a brief video on his life and then were asked to draw something that they remembered! Mona Lisa:   Vetruvian Man: Inventions: The Artist himself: Just wonderful!

Getting to know Michaelangelo

Great sub plan is to have the students watch a video from the Getting to Know: series, and then they draw something they remember from the video. This group watched the video on Michaelangelo, and I saw wonderful drawings of Michaelangelo with his chisel, standing on a scaffold, the Sistine Chapel, David, and more. But … Continue reading

Kindergarten Painted Shape Mice

Introducing color mixing to 5 year olds is always a fun yet challenging process. Proper brush technique: Mr. Paintbrush is the super hero of the art room, he sweeps away Mr. Blob! Use him like a broom. Hold it like a pencil. Mr. Paintbrush doesn’t like his hair messed up. No Sally, we don’t paint … Continue reading

The Academy of Art University  

Our district is really pushing college interest for our kiddos. I’ve been wanting to introduce my students to my alma mater, The Academy of Art University for some time. For whatever reason, their brochures never made it to me. So I called upon a professor/art collector there, and he was able to ship me out … Continue reading

More Summertime Fun

My principal asked me to come and do a few art classes during the summer, this allowed me to use some of the craft materials willed to me by the last art teacher. So here’s what we made!


Paper Mache cupcakes!

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!


Oatmeal Can Windsocks

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D  Mondrian Sculptures

Keith Haring Bodies

Keith Haring Bodies Keith Haring Bodies

For the back to school bulletin board!

Get it??

Get it??


What a summer!

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Symmetrical City Reflections

The first graders got a lesson in symmetry! We spoke about how there was an imaginary line down the middle of things, if one side was the same as the other, we would have symmetry. Then we turned into ninjas and HIIIII-YAed around the classroom to see what was symmetrical and what wasn’t after looking … Continue reading

Symmetrical Sailboats

The kindies… just love their sponge like brains ready to absorb all the mathematical information that was given to them during this math/art mash-up unit. They learned about the word symmetry, and some of them even learned the cognate word in Spanish, symmetria. They learned about the line of symmetry cutting something down the middle … Continue reading