5th Grade Rodeo ’16

For this year’s Rodeo, I’m challenging myself to have every single class in all of the grade levels working on something different so that there is more variety to pick from for the display at the Alvin ISD Rodeo SHow. All of the projects were selected based upon what the particular grade levels have already … Continue reading

4th grade Rodeo ’16

All five of the 4th grade classes are doing different projects so there is more variety for the show in January. Here they are! Monday: Rooster Molas Bringing a bit of culture into the Western lesson, 4th grade learned about Panamanian Molas, and then made their own! This lesson reviewed different types of lines, and … Continue reading

3rd grade Rodeo ’16

This year for Rodeo, I challenged myself so that every.single.class!! was working on a different project. Though it was difficult to keep up with 30 different lessons all running simultaneously, it definitely made choosing the projects for the District Rodeo Art show much easier. Monday: This group worked on drawing their cacti from a worm’s … Continue reading

Kindergarten Rodeo ’16

All five of the kindergarten classes will be working on different Rodeo Art projects so that there is more variety for the show in January. Here they are! Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday:

Back to school! Let’s Grow! 

All of the classes, 5th down to Kindergarten made flowers to go into the Van Gogh-esque flower pots on the bulletin board outside the art room.  I’m trying to prevent the constant draw, erase, draw erase, by explaining what to do when they make a “mistake”.  I think the flowers turned out great!  Great job … Continue reading