Walk with me (Part III)

On our last leg of the journey around the classroom, we can see the rubric: These awesome posters can be found and printed free here. The only bulletin board inside the classroom is all about color.  I was able to integrate some work from grad school with famous works, and terminology from the Word Wall. … Continue reading

Walk with me (Part II)

Now we have  made it into the classroom, and to your left and right you’ll see our Masterpiece Gallery. These frames aren’t for classwork. These frames are for the random pieces of art that children love to give the teacher. I know over the years of teaching, I would average at least 3-4 new drawings … Continue reading

Walk with me (Part I)

Welcome to room 160! Now that school is less than one week away, I’ve been working hard to get the room up to tip top, art teacher, paint slanging FABULOUS-ness! I think it’s pretty darn close. Take a look! Before entering the room, there is a short hallway with two bulletin boards on either side. … Continue reading

Welcome to Slanging Paint in 160!

The goal for this year!

The goal for this year!

Welcome to room 160! My name is Lauren Luna and I am a professional artist holding a Masters of Fine Arts and Special Education.  I will be sharing my passion with over 700 elementary aged children during the 2013-14 school year! I am extremely excited to start this school year, and see what our future Picasso’s will come up with!

This year they will be challenged not just to think outside of the box, but to think as if the box doesn’t exist!

I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas! Let’s have a great year!