Kinder Printed and Collaged Cities

Oh the mess! Printmaking and five year olds is not an easy task. You would have taught I’d learned my lesson with our Black History Month project. Guess I’m glutton for punishment, but here we are again. Learning about the artist Romare Bearden, what skyscrapers were and how fast the art teacher can move around … Continue reading

Jazz Collographs

Black History Month is upon us! We learned about the history of Jazz music! Starting in New Orleans by African-American musicians, the kids listen to New Orleans style jazz and identified the instuments they heard. After compiling a list of instruments they were given a bunch of cardboard, and got busy cutting and  gluing! This … Continue reading

Warhol Prints

Sometimes one can be struck with utter genius! I am so excited about these projects because they came out so well!!!  After Youth Art Month, all of the classes are working on their final projects of the year, based upon one of the artists introduced. The 4th grade, focused on Andy Warhol.  They first folded … Continue reading

Monoprint Self-Portraits

5th grade was focusing on the proper placement of facial features and how to draw them. They were not allowed to make “L” or triangle noses. We also reviewed fractions by discussing that they eyes were 1/2 of the head, and the nose was 1/2 of that 1/2, and the mouth was 1/2 of a … Continue reading

“Pop”ping Rodeo Art Animals

Since we had just finished the Mola’s, the third graders were well versed in negative space, which them helped them draw from observation of the photos of farm animals I had provided for them. So on a small piece of paper, they drew, and drew, and drew. The were instructed to draw what they saw … Continue reading

Black History Month: The Harlem Renaissance & Jazz Music

The forth grade had a printmaking project all of their own. They also followed the same introduction as grades 2,3,5. Their printmaking project consisted of them drawing first on cardboard in pencil, instuments and music notes, with a heavy emphasis on overlapping. Then they varnished them, and traced their lines with glue. (I highly recommend … Continue reading

Black History Month: Harlem Renaissance & Jazz Music

Grades 2,3,& 5 also made Printmaking Projects for Black History Month. They were first introduced to the topic by a time line so that they could understand when in time it was that we were talking about. Then they watched a BrainPop video on the Harlem Renaissance.  Then finally they watched a Harlem Renaissance Powerpoint about … Continue reading

Jazz Music and the Harlem Renaissance

What do Jazz Music, the Harlem Renaissance, and Elizabeth Catlett have in common? They were our focus for Black History Month! The students watched a presentation that started with this timeline. The hardest challenge was for kids to understand moments in time, so this helped them immensely. Also helps avoid questions like, “Did you know … Continue reading