Welcome Back!

They say, as long as you learn from your mistakes, it’s a lesson well learned. 

Well, last year, I found that I was asked the same questions over and over and over again. Where’s the trash can? (Though you pass by it when entering the classroom), What sink? (one of the two in the back of the class), What drying rack? (The big metal contraption at the front of the room) etc…

So to save myself some frustration, as well as for the kids to get ownership of their art room, we had an Art Room Scavenger Hunt! 

Art Room Scavenger HuntNot only did this help the kids find out where frequently used items in the classroom were, but it also how to use them. The majority of my students are returning from last year, so they already knew, but this also helped new students who were paired with the returning ones. 

Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt

The first pair to bring me a correctly completed scavenger hunt sheet was given a prize, and runners up got a sticker.

I made sure that their names were at the top of the papers, and then gave the papers to their homeroom teachers. I was able to show their teachers, and difficulty the students may have had with certain words, namely the questioning words (who, what, when, where , why, how) and spelling.  

So, the kids now know their art room, and homeroom teachers, got a quick assessment of areas some of their students need help in! Win Win! 


Till next time! 

Art Power



It’s That Time Again!

School is gearing to begin so that means we are back in the classroom getting is kid ready! 

My room is set up as similar to last year as possible, but the fun thing this year are the super awesome bulletin boards! Check these babies out!

The World Is Better With Art

Student and Staff eyes fill the opening 2014-15 Art Room bulletin board




Various quotes by artist referencing seeing or eyes.

Various quotes by artist referencing seeing or eyes.




Art Room Paint Brush

Art Room Paint Brush


Show who you are...Create.

Show who you are…Create.


Like last year, I will have the art room “Facebook Page” up all year long so the children can learn about different artists, and their art. But this year, I started the first artist’s page with myself. Goal being, that they can learn a bit about me, and that they in fact, know an active, living artist! 

My "Facebook Page"

My “Facebook Page”

Till next time,