Final Summer Projects: Andy Warhol Style Animals

We have reached the end of our two week Summer Enrichment class. It was great experience! Our final projects were culminating of all the color theory that the kids had been learning for the past weeks. They learned about a few more color families; analogous, monochromatic, and complimentary, then were instructed to pick two combinations … Continue reading

Warm & Cool Sunsets

The summer enrichment class has been learning color theory along with proper painting techniques. This project grouped the colors that they learned about on the color wheel into two groups; warm and cool. The students first drew their sunsets very ala Van Gogh with the swirls, and then were asked to think of the things … Continue reading

Tints & Shade Color Wheels

Oh what an exciting cross-curricular project! First the students started with a demonstration on shades and tints. Add black to a color for shades. Add white to a color for tints. Then they used a worksheet to practice mixing. After this, they moved on to the actual project. Using a paper plate, they traced around … Continue reading

Summer Enrichment: Color Theory/Painting Class

Hello! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Over here it’s going swimmingly! After a week off, it was time for summer enrichment! Though I am teaching a painting class, I figured color theory would be a fabulous pairing! So we’re off and running! I have two groups of kids, ages 8-12, and no more than … Continue reading

Mondrian in 3D

Sadly I pushed this project to the very last minute and we ran out of time for the majority of the classes. After introducing the 2nd graders to Piet Mondrian with this awesome video. ¬†We looked at several of Mondrian’s paintings and discussed the common elements used. (Line and primary colors)   Then I told … Continue reading