Police Week Art Contest Winners

Police Week was May 11th-17th and Alvin PD sent out information for a poster making contest for all the schools in the district. So our little guys (Kinder-1st) entered! Here are our winners!   Great job guys! Advertisements

Street Art

This past weekend, I was the featured artist at a local arts festival, and I invited my students to stop by and come see the other side of their art teacher! I was so happy when a handful of them actually came! They got to bring art into the real world by becoming street artists, … Continue reading

Chihuly “Glass” Bowls

It’s sculpture time! The kinders learned all about artist Dale Chihuly and his craft of glass blowing! ┬áSo totally awesome to watch how it’s done!   Once we were done learning, I set the kinders loose on a pair of coffee filters for them to color with markers.   Once they were complete, they covered … Continue reading

Nevelson Assemblages

1st graders learned about female sculptor Louise Nevelson. ┬áSaid to be the first of the “green art”, Ms. Nevelson would scower New York City for wooden scraps to add to her sculptures, put them together, and paint them all the same color, for a new form of art called Assemblage.     The kiddos had … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Special

All of our projects for the K-1 came to a screeching halt, so that they could make super awesome Mother’s Day Gifts! Kindergarten made something I had swiped from my favorite site, Pinterest, “watercolor” scarves! They used color Sharpies to color all over plain white scarves. The Sharpie did go through the cloth and onto … Continue reading

Spring Is Here, the Bugs Are Near

Ahhh Spring! How delighted we are to see you! Along with Spring comes the Spring Musical! So we are in charge of stage decoration! Grades K-2 learned about insects, (keeping with their curriculum) and 3-5 learned weaving!   Since the kids only come to art once a week, I had the theme for the project … Continue reading

Woven Flowers

The older kiddos learned to weave. It took several weeks (7) for them to complete this project. So if you plan on ever doing it, plan waaaaaaay in advance! They first learned to weave the flower, then they painted a stick green, then measured out Plaster of Paris to put into a plastic flower pot … Continue reading