We’re Done!

And this class is the only class done with their project! So what’s an art teacher to do? Wrap a whole lot of lessons up into one and wrap it up in a nice little bow! I discovered a super cool art info video series called Artrageous with Nate a few weeks back, and love, … Continue reading

It’s Rodeo Art Time (Kinder)

Here in Texas the Houston Rodeo is a huge deal! And they have an art contest were school districts in the majority of Southern Texas all participate and compete locally to enter the Big Show at the Houston Rodeo that is held at the Reliant Center every February.   This was our Kindergarten project!   … Continue reading

Houston Rodeo Art Show

The Houston Rodeo is a super big deal over this way, and they have an art contest that ultimately means moolah for kiddos applying for college. So it’s pretty awesome that this is offered, as well as it gives kids a chance to shine brighter than a diamond!

Take for example; my student Kassandra S. who was chosen out of 580+ elementary children in our district show to receive the Gold Metal of Excellence for her artwork entitled: Le Cows!


She will be receiving tickets to attend the Houston Rodeo in February and will have her piece put on display so that all those in attendance can admire! Way to go Kassandra!!!

We also had a Finalist who was thaaaaat close to receiving the ribbon himself! Anthony G. received a black ribbon stating his status as a Finalist with this piece!


Way to go Tigers!!!!