Street Art

This past weekend, I was the featured artist at a local arts festival, and I invited my students to stop by and come see the other side of their art teacher! I was so happy when a handful of them actually came! They got to bring art into the real world by becoming street artists, … Continue reading

Cuban Tody Bird Plates

Our school is having a parent night next week and a few of the classes will be performing. One of the teachers asked me if I could do something extra special for a class of second graders to show off for the performance. Since they are singing a song by Cuban singer Celia Cruz, we … Continue reading

Walk with me (Part III)

On our last leg of the journey around the classroom, we can see the rubric: These awesome posters can be found and printed free here. The only bulletin board inside the classroom is all about color.  I was able to integrate some work from grad school with famous works, and terminology from the Word Wall. … Continue reading

Walk with me (Part II)

Now we have  made it into the classroom, and to your left and right you’ll see our Masterpiece Gallery. These frames aren’t for classwork. These frames are for the random pieces of art that children love to give the teacher. I know over the years of teaching, I would average at least 3-4 new drawings … Continue reading