2nd grade Rodeo ’16

Monday: We used warm colors and painted with watercolor to make a sunset and then green grass. We then used oil pastels to make the sheep and shadows.  Tuesday: We used watercolor pencils to make these farm scenes. Wednesday: We used different shades of green to make our cacti then use watercolor paint to paint … Continue reading

3rd grade Rodeo ’16

This year for Rodeo, I challenged myself so that every.single.class!! was working on a different project. Though it was difficult to keep up with 30 different lessons all running simultaneously, it definitely made choosing the projects for the District Rodeo Art show much easier. Monday: This group worked on drawing their cacti from a worm’s … Continue reading

Open House

Last week was Open House at our school! I was swamped with parents! No time to really take photos. Here are a few.