“Pop”ping Rodeo Art Animals

Since we had just finished the Mola’s, the third graders were well versed in negative space, which them helped them draw from observation of the photos of farm animals I had provided for them. So on a small piece of paper, they drew, and drew, and drew. The were instructed to draw what they saw … Continue reading

Math Filled 1sties Native American Vessels

1st grades’ Rodeo Art project is so exciting because of all the vocabulary they are using! They first used templates I cut out from poster board to trace around the three different sized vessels with a pencil. Then they went back and erased the lines that were overlapping, to give the illusion of one vessel … Continue reading

5th Grade Rodeo Portraits

5th grade’s Rodeo portraits began with me taking a photograph of them. The using a Photoshop filter, I reduced the photograph to just lines. ¬†Using the windows as a light box, the students then traced over the lines of the photograph onto a sheet of white paper.   Once they were complete, they had the … Continue reading

Houston Rodeo Art Show AISD

We art teachers took a day to hang all the art in the district for the Rodeo Art show back in January.   These were a few of my favorites from other schools.  

It’s Rodeo Art Time (5th)

Fifth grade was challenged in their drawing skills to use this photo I took at George Ranch and draw it. They first practiced using dry erase markers on the floor. I would draw around the photo to help them see the shapes hidden in the photo. Then they drew it again on construction paper, then … Continue reading

It’s Rodeo Art Time (4th)

The forth grade drew a landscape with cows from a photo I took not too far from our school. They used chalk pastels as they drew the landscape step by step. And we ended up with several ribbon winners! And one gold ribbon winner!! This drawing was chosen to go to the Houston Rodeo and … Continue reading

It’s Rodeo Art Time (3rd)

Third graders worked on a cactus in a sunset landscape for their Rodeo Art project. First they were taught how to gradate the green paint so that it was not just one solid color but gradually went from dark to light. Then they tore pieces of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper to start building … Continue reading

It’s Rodeo Art Time (2nd)

2nd grade drew an up close and personal picture of a cow using oil pastels. I found the lesson here. We even had some win ribbons in the Alvin ISD Rodeo Art competition!

It’s Rodeo Art Time (1st)

The first graders did chickens for their Rodeo Art project. First they painted two sheets of paper with tempra paint, one yellow and the other red/brown. Then we read Blue Chicken, then Chicken Big. We talked about the characters in the story, specifically about the chickens and their parts. After discussing and agreeing that they … Continue reading

It’s Rodeo Art Time (Kinder)

Here in Texas the Houston Rodeo is a huge deal! And they have an art contest were school districts in the majority of Southern Texas all participate and compete locally to enter the Big Show at the Houston Rodeo that is held at the Reliant Center every February.   This was our Kindergarten project!   … Continue reading