Symmetrical City Reflections

The first graders got a lesson in symmetry! We spoke about how there was an imaginary line down the middle of things, if one side was the same as the other, we would have symmetry. Then we turned into ninjas and HIIIII-YAed around the classroom to see what was symmetrical and what wasn’t after looking … Continue reading

Symmetrical Sailboats

The kindies… just love their sponge like brains ready to absorb all the mathematical information that was given to them during this math/art mash-up unit. They learned about the word symmetry, and some of them even learned the cognate word in Spanish, symmetria. They learned about the line of symmetry cutting something down the middle … Continue reading

Frank Stella’s Protractor Series

The 4th graders learned about artist Frank Stella and specifically his protractor series of paintings. Since angles are apart of the 4th grade math curriculum they were able to appreciate the geometry found within Stella’s paintings. Some of the 4th graders in Art Club recognized his name when we went to the art Museum! These … Continue reading

Charles Demuth Math/Art Mashup

3rd grade is learning about Charles Demuth and specifically his painting The Figure 5 In Gold. After looking at several of Demuth’s paintings and discussing how he used diagonal lines to break up his picture plane, they were told to think of a number between 2-9. Then they were given a sheet of 12 x … Continue reading

360 degrees with the Second Grade

Its Math/Art Mashup time in the art room. All grades are getting a little dose of “Whaaaa that’s math?!? This is art class!!!” Pow! Second graders learned about compasses today! And how many degrees were in a circle! They used the compasses to make different sized circles but were limited to using complementary colors. Pretty … Continue reading

Eco Art Mandalas

Here in Houston we have a wonderful reuse location called the Art Asylum, and I traveled out there one beautiful fall day for their teacher sale. Armed with several brown paper bags, about twenty other teachers and myself, grabbed everything in site that we could get our hands on for our rooms. One thing I … Continue reading

Origami Relief Snowflakes

The 5th graders reviewed what symmetry was, then it was extended into a new word, radial symmetry. We discussed examples of where one might find radial symmetry, ig. Pizza, bicycle wheels, etc. Then we started talking about origami. After watching these videos, and practicing, the students were set loose, to make their own paper sculpture … Continue reading

2nd’s Native American Sunset

For the second grade’s Rodeo Art project, we worked on drawing Native Americans facing away from the viewer and toward the sunrise/set. This lesson was chock full of math vocabulary! We started each design by drawing a horizontal line, which they were asked every time we began a new row. What do we start our … Continue reading

Math Filled 1sties Native American Vessels

1st grades’ Rodeo Art project is so exciting because of all the vocabulary they are using! They first used templates I cut out from poster board to trace around the three different sized vessels with a pencil. Then they went back and erased the lines that were overlapping, to give the illusion of one vessel … Continue reading

Native American Vessels Kindie Style

Ah the kindies. They are so wonderful! Last week we learned about different types of lines. To get us ready for this week, to start on our Rodeo Art project! I drew a vessel for them to use as a template, and my awesome art room helpers made sure they didn’t mark on anything but … Continue reading