Picasso’s Flowers for Peace

March was Youth Art Month, and each week we covered a new artist; Picasso, Warhol and Van Gogh.  Each class is working on a project based upon one of those artists. Kindergarten is learning about Picasso’s Bouquet for Peace, here are our masterpieces!   They were all given different shades of green paper, which we … Continue reading

Symmetrical Sailboats

The kindies… just love their sponge like brains ready to absorb all the mathematical information that was given to them during this math/art mash-up unit. They learned about the word symmetry, and some of them even learned the cognate word in Spanish, symmetria. They learned about the line of symmetry cutting something down the middle … Continue reading

Kinder Easter Egg Baskets

What’s an art teacher to do on the day before Easter break, and is all burnt out? Model Magic Easter Egg baskets! Pinch, roll, and shape! Lets hear it for great ideas! And an awesome group of kids!

Mouse Paint Color Wheels

Kindies are getting a little dose of color theory, by learning primary and secondary colors! So first we painted three 5×7 pieces of white paper, primary. (sorry no photos. Monitoring 30 kindies with paint takes all my attention) Then mixers were assigned at each table to find out what color we got when we mixed … Continue reading

Penguin Families

Ah the kindies! Every day it’s cuteness overload! For our winter project we talked about families and we briefly talked about who lived with them and we could count all the names they gave. After that conversation, they were given a piece of black paper where they were instructed to draw a large letter “U” … Continue reading

Chihuly “Glass” Bowls

It’s sculpture time! The kinders learned all about artist Dale Chihuly and his craft of glass blowing! ┬áSo totally awesome to watch how it’s done!   Once we were done learning, I set the kinders loose on a pair of coffee filters for them to color with markers.   Once they were complete, they covered … Continue reading