Kindergarten Painted Shape Mice

Introducing color mixing to 5 year olds is always a fun yet challenging process. Proper brush technique: Mr. Paintbrush is the super hero of the art room, he sweeps away Mr. Blob! Use him like a broom. Hold it like a pencil. Mr. Paintbrush doesn’t like his hair messed up. No Sally, we don’t paint … Continue reading

Charles Demuth Math/Art Mashup

3rd grade is learning about Charles Demuth and specifically his painting The Figure 5 In Gold. After looking at several of Demuth’s paintings and discussing how he used diagonal lines to break up his picture plane, they were told to think of a number between 2-9. Then they were given a sheet of 12 x … Continue reading

What Snowmen Do at Night

The 3rd graders learned about value and how to add a color to white slowly, so that they could get a gradation of the color from white to the actual color!   Then we read the book, What Do Snowmen Do at Night? And we discussed the use of color in the illustrations of the … Continue reading

Raise Your Hand If You’re Ready For Art!

Oh we are SO ready for art! Two weeks in and these K-5th graders have been ARTing their little tails off! We are learning about the Elements of Art, specifically Lines. So we first watched a video¬†about lines. Then we watched another. Then… we made ART! 5th graders watched these videos to introduce them to … Continue reading