Kindergarten Rodeo ’16

All five of the kindergarten classes will be working on different Rodeo Art projects so that there is more variety for the show in January. Here they are! Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Advertisements

Art Station Day!

Every once in a while, some of the classes will finish a project ahead of some of the others. When that happens, the completed classes get to have Art Stations! It’s one of their favorite activities. The room is just completely a buzz with creation! Take a look!




Art Rocks Y’all!

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Art Club Goes to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Early Saturday morning we loaded up twenty-six 3-5th graders onto a bus to go into Houston to the Fine Arts Museum! I grabbed two of the art room’s iPads and we had student photographers to document the whole trip! We walked through the sculpture garden:                     … Continue reading

Mouse Paint Color Wheels

Kindies are getting a little dose of color theory, by learning primary and secondary colors! So first we painted three 5×7 pieces of white paper, primary. (sorry no photos. Monitoring 30 kindies with paint takes all my attention) Then mixers were assigned at each table to find out what color we got when we mixed … Continue reading

Keith Haring Sculpture

Remember when art club members were drawing each other? Well, here’s what they were working on!   The Club members were grouped at different tables in collaborative groups each with a different part of the sculpture, and drew their figures in the style of artist Keith Haring. Check out his work here.   Once they … Continue reading

Artist’s Expo

Seven professional artists graced our school all day presenting to all of the kids grades k-5! They are now the inaugural group for an event that will now be ANNUAL!!! So excited!!! We had John Delafield, a potter.     Anat Ronen, a chalk artist and muralist. Terry Fromm, metalsmith and jewelry maker. Beverley Clayton, … Continue reading

First Day of Art Club

Oh how exciting that we’ve got a new art club at our school! 25 kiddos and an excited art teacher make up our new club, and today was our first meeting! Even though my seasonal allergies stole my voice, I still whispered some exciting news to the new members and made them “solemnly swear” to … Continue reading

Pop Art with Roy Litchenstein

All classes learned about the Pop Art era of the 1960’s featuring artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein, Claes Oldenburg, and Keith Haring that was influenced by them. 4th grade focused on Roy Litchenstein and we made the lesson steer toward Language Arts by having them focus on onomatopoeia. First they learned how to make … Continue reading

Roy Lichtenstein Self-Portraits (Part 2)

5th graders do very special projects that no one else in the school does. So for their projects we started with the same color lesson as the younger grades, then watched the same video as grades 2-4 on artist Roy Lichtenstein. Then I took a close up photograph of all the 5th graders, printed them … Continue reading

Cuban Tody Bird Plates

Our school is having a parent night next week and a few of the classes will be performing. One of the teachers asked me if I could do something extra special for a class of second graders to show off for the performance. Since they are singing a song by Cuban singer Celia Cruz, we … Continue reading