1st & 2nd Meet Romare Bearden

Black History Month means focusing on a black artist, both 1st and 2nd grades learned about one of my favorite artist from the Harlem Renaissance, Romare Bearden!  He looked at several examples of his work, and discussed what the word collage meant. Then they got to work!  1st grade had to build a person, they … Continue reading

Picasso’s Flowers for Peace

March was Youth Art Month, and each week we covered a new artist; Picasso, Warhol and Van Gogh.  Each class is working on a project based upon one of those artists. Kindergarten is learning about Picasso’s Bouquet for Peace, here are our masterpieces!   They were all given different shades of green paper, which we … Continue reading

Romare Bearden Collages

  Romare Bearden has always been an artist  near and dear to my heart, because of my undergraduate work on the Harlem Renaissance, and having the pleasure to work at the gallery he and several  artists of that era founded in New York City. I was super excited to introduce my art club to one … Continue reading

Picasso Faces

This years’ group of 2nd graders have been getting their fill of art history. While I wait for other classes to complete a project, I’ll do a quick art history lesson with the classes that are finished. So this time we learned about Pablo Picasso! We watched a super awesome slide show of his work, … Continue reading

Vendedor de Alcatreces

The Fifth graders project lasted three weeks since they only have art once a week. This lesson was a wonderful study of artist Diego Rivera, and his painting Vendedor de Alcatreces.  I found the lesson here.  This lesson included symmetry, mixed media,  and collage.  A great way of introducing different art elements to kids.