Op Art w/ 5th grade

Some of my students aren’t painters. Some of them aren’t draw-ers. Oddly, this project made those forementioned students SHINE! We watched a brief video on M.C. Escher to introduce to them that math can also be found in art. Then we watch a video on Vaserely, the pioneer artist of Op Art. Then we started … Continue reading

Eco Art Mandalas

Here in Houston we have a wonderful reuse location called the Art Asylum, and I traveled out there one beautiful fall day for their teacher sale. Armed with several brown paper bags, about twenty other teachers and myself, grabbed everything in site that we could get our hands on for our rooms. One thing I … Continue reading

Origami Relief Snowflakes

The 5th graders reviewed what symmetry was, then it was extended into a new word, radial symmetry. We discussed examples of where one might find radial symmetry, ig. Pizza, bicycle wheels, etc. Then we started talking about origami. After watching these videos, and practicing, the students were set loose, to make their own paper sculpture … Continue reading

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

This Mexican Holiday is the day after Halloween and a common misconception is that it’s just the Mexican version. Art Club learned that this day is celebrated to honor those loved ones who have passed away. In Catholic religion it is called All Souls Day. Large parties are held, parades, and gifts are left for … Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month: Modern day Mexico

We started this lesson talking about the word “Hispanic”, and that in the eyes of the United States government, this term applies to anyone who has roots in any Spanish/Portuguese speaking country. I wanted to make sure that even though we live in Texas, that the kids know that there are numerous other countries speak … Continue reading