Art Station Day!

Every once in a while, some of the classes will finish a project ahead of some of the others. When that happens, the completed classes get to have Art Stations! It’s one of their favorite activities. The room is just completely a buzz with creation! Take a look!




Art Rocks Y’all!

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Spring Paper Sculptures

 Spring is in full swing over here! Our sculpture project for 2nd grade was with paper! They made waves of paper for their ponds. Then they followed a teacher led drawing of a lily pad and frog for their finishing touches!  This super creative fella forewent the white paper, and made his frogs from green … Continue reading

Recycled Magazine Bowls

 5th grade used recycled magazines to create their bowls! After a quick lesson on how to fold the pages, they set off! Check them out!       Awesome!      

Wire Bird Sculptures

4th grade used wire for their sculptures. An example of a wire contour line bird was shown on the board. They were given very basic instructions about the characteristics of a bird and bending wire, and they were set loose!  Instructions: You only get two pieces of wire and some beads,  Make a bird!   … Continue reading

Paper mache birds

 As a part of our sculpture unit, the third grade revisited paper mache! They had done it before as second graders, and this was a successful project again!  They first made paper balls and then taped them together. Using a wire hanger, wrapped it around the balls. Then they paper mached them, and I recycled … Continue reading

Kinder Pinch Pot animals

Kinders got their first taste (not literally I hope) of clay this year! To piggy back on their lessons on animal classification, we made different types of species. Mice, pigs, and armadillos for mammals, turtles for reptiles,and birds! Take a look!                 

More Summertime Fun

My principal asked me to come and do a few art classes during the summer, this allowed me to use some of the craft materials willed to me by the last art teacher. So here’s what we made!


Paper Mache cupcakes!

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

Paper Mache Cupcakes

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!

This artist gave his cupcake eyes!


Oatmeal Can Windsocks

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D Mondrian Sculptures

3D  Mondrian Sculptures

Keith Haring Bodies

Keith Haring Bodies Keith Haring Bodies

For the back to school bulletin board!

Get it??

Get it??


What a summer!

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Summer Enrichment: Art Around the World

My district offers courses for the students to take that range from Physical Education to Cooking based on literature to Techno-Wars to Chess! Of course, I teach art! Last year, I taught a painting color theory class, this year we did Art Around the World!  We learned about different countries and the traditional art or … Continue reading

Kinder Easter Egg Baskets

What’s an art teacher to do on the day before Easter break, and is all burnt out? Model Magic Easter Egg baskets! Pinch, roll, and shape! Lets hear it for great ideas! And an awesome group of kids!

Picasso Faces

This years’ group of 2nd graders have been getting their fill of art history. While I wait for other classes to complete a project, I’ll do a quick art history lesson with the classes that are finished. So this time we learned about Pablo Picasso! We watched a super awesome slide show of his work, … Continue reading