Van Gogh’s Bedroom

5th grade’s chosen artist was Van Gogh. They learned about perspective, and it was a geometry heavy lesson. Very challenging for them to get away from their old way of thinking things looked!    We ran out of time, so not many got to add color. But here’s one example. Advertisements

2nd grade pastoral scene

For Rodeo Art, 2nd grades second project was to draw a pastoral scene in perspective. They followed along with me, as I drew with them. They then traced over their lines with glue, and then finally add color with oil pastels.  Check these out!         

4th Grade Pastoral Scenes

4th grade drew these awesome pastoral scenes. As third graders we spoke heavily about value, and it was great to see them apply that to this lesson. We first drew the scene, and then they were instructed to use oil pastel, colored pencil or both to add color. I gave demonstrations on both media, and … Continue reading

5th grade Pumpkin Pastures

The 5th grade made these awesome mixed media paintings for their Rodeo Art projects. We started out with painting the backgrounds using watercolor, where they learned about blending colors, and how to make their skies have gradients. Once they were dry, we worked from the background laying down the tree line using brown and black … Continue reading

Kinder learns about William H. Johnson

For Black History Month, Kinder learned about African-American artist, William H. Johnson. This is the painting below that we studied.  We talked about perspective, and how the road looks like it’s disappearing off into the distance, and then they followed along as I drew with them. We reviewed directional lines throughout this lesson and shapes. … Continue reading

Summer Enrichment: Art Around the World

My district offers courses for the students to take that range from Physical Education to Cooking based on literature to Techno-Wars to Chess! Of course, I teach art! Last year, I taught a painting color theory class, this year we did Art Around the World!  We learned about different countries and the traditional art or … Continue reading