5th grade fall trees

This group of kids were the same group that a few years ago rocked out these Snowmen at Night paintings.  Building on that knowledge of having tints in their skies,we made these awesome fall trees!   Great job! Advertisements

Color Wheel Birds

Kindergarten and first grades used pre-made circles, a few examples of mine, and watercolor crayons to make these awesomely cute color wheel birds. 2nd grade got a little more involved with the “baby birds” representing the tertiary colors.  Grades 3-5 Folded squares of paper then mixed primary colors to make these colorful peacock/turkey hybrids! Color … Continue reading

It’s Fall Y’all!

All grade levels are working on fall themed art. Kinder learned about artist Mark Rothko, and emotion in colors. 1st grade learned about warm and cool colors, and collage. Second grade reinforced their knowledge of perspective, and reviewed warm and cool colors.   3rd grade practiced with compasses again to make fall themed mandalas.    … Continue reading

Kindergarten Painted Shape Mice

Introducing color mixing to 5 year olds is always a fun yet challenging process. Proper brush technique: Mr. Paintbrush is the super hero of the art room, he sweeps away Mr. Blob! Use him like a broom. Hold it like a pencil. Mr. Paintbrush doesn’t like his hair messed up. No Sally, we don’t paint … Continue reading

Symmetrical City Reflections

The first graders got a lesson in symmetry! We spoke about how there was an imaginary line down the middle of things, if one side was the same as the other, we would have symmetry. Then we turned into ninjas and HIIIII-YAed around the classroom to see what was symmetrical and what wasn’t after looking … Continue reading

360 degrees with the Second Grade

Its Math/Art Mashup time in the art room. All grades are getting a little dose of “Whaaaa that’s math?!? This is art class!!!” Pow! Second graders learned about compasses today! And how many degrees were in a circle! They used the compasses to make different sized circles but were limited to using complementary colors. Pretty … Continue reading