5th grade Winter Prints

We brainstormed to think about words that came to mind when I told them “winter”. I showed them several Googled images of “winter images”, and they sketched out their ideas. The next day, they drew their sketches onto their styrofoam plates and then printed! Way to go! Advertisements

2016 Alvin ISD Houston Rodeo Contestants

Out of 850 kids, there can be only 27. Congrats to those chosen!   5th: 4th: 3rd: 2nd: 1st: Kindergarten:

5th grade fall trees

This group of kids were the same group that a few years ago rocked out these Snowmen at Night paintings.  Building on that knowledge of having tints in their skies,we made these awesome fall trees!   Great job!

2nd grade Rodeo ’16

Monday: We used warm colors and painted with watercolor to make a sunset and then green grass. We then used oil pastels to make the sheep and shadows.  Tuesday: We used watercolor pencils to make these farm scenes. Wednesday: We used different shades of green to make our cacti then use watercolor paint to paint … Continue reading

5th Grade Rodeo ’16

For this year’s Rodeo, I’m challenging myself to have every single class in all of the grade levels working on something different so that there is more variety to pick from for the display at the Alvin ISD Rodeo SHow. All of the projects were selected based upon what the particular grade levels have already … Continue reading

Van Gogh’s Bedroom

5th grade’s chosen artist was Van Gogh. They learned about perspective, and it was a geometry heavy lesson. Very challenging for them to get away from their old way of thinking things looked!    We ran out of time, so not many got to add color. But here’s one example.

Art Station Day!

Every once in a while, some of the classes will finish a project ahead of some of the others. When that happens, the completed classes get to have Art Stations! It’s one of their favorite activities. The room is just completely a buzz with creation! Take a look!




Art Rocks Y’all!

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Recycled Magazine Bowls

 5th grade used recycled magazines to create their bowls! After a quick lesson on how to fold the pages, they set off! Check them out!       Awesome!      

5th grade Pumpkin Pastures

The 5th grade made these awesome mixed media paintings for their Rodeo Art projects. We started out with painting the backgrounds using watercolor, where they learned about blending colors, and how to make their skies have gradients. Once they were dry, we worked from the background laying down the tree line using brown and black … Continue reading

2016 Rodeo Contestants

Here they are! Kinder: 1st Grade: 2nd Grade: 3rd Grade: 4th Grade: 5th Grade:     I think we should be bringing home the trophy again this year! These are AWESOME!