Penguin Families

Ah the kindies! Every day it’s cuteness overload!

For our winter project we talked about families and we briefly talked about who lived with them and we could count all the names they gave. After that conversation, they were given a piece of black paper where they were instructed to draw a large letter “U” several times. After that they cut them out and glued them onto a cool colored piece of construction paper. They repeated this with white paper, making sure that these “U’s” were smaller than the black ones. They then cut out eyes, an orange triangle, and finally attached a strip of colored paper for the penguin scarves. They used white crayon to make the snow in the background. Take a look!

Kinder Penguins Kinder Penguins Kinder Penguins Kinder Penguins IMG_1855


Love it!

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Here we go! Year number four! Teaching artist at Mark Twain Elementary! I started my career in 2002, in the New York City Schools as a Special Education Middle School teacher. Moving back to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, I continued teaching Special Education and also began teaching after school and summer art programs. Moving again to Houston, Texas. I have taught all levels and abilities from kindergarten to college and am very excited to be teaching here at Mark Twain! I am also a professional artist and designer that shows work worldwide. I have been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Austin Fashion Week, Houston Press, and at the Grassi Museum of the Applied Arts in Germany. I hold a Masters of Science in Special Education from Manhattan College and a Masters of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. I currently am teaching grades kindergarten through fifth and am an adjuct art professor at Alvin Community College.

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