2nd’s Native American Sunset

For the second grade’s Rodeo Art project, we worked on drawing Native Americans facing away from the viewer and toward the sunrise/set.

This lesson was chock full of math vocabulary! We started each design by drawing a horizontal line, which they were asked every time we began a new row. What do we start our design with? A HORIZONTAL LINE!!!!!

We talked about parallel lines, diagonal lines, vertical lines, semi-circles, less than, greater than… (the benefit of being a former math teacher)

First we drew our horizon line ( I made sure they noticed the connection between the words horizon and horizontal) Then they drew their different designs for each row. Majority of which I found here. Then they went over their lines with a permanent marker.
2nd grade Native American Sunrises

2nd grade Native American Sunrises

Once they were complete, they painted their drawings with watercolor. I explained to them the difference between watercolor paint, and the tempra paint that we had used for the masks, as to save them from digging it out of the containers thinking it was supposed to be opaque.

They turned out beautiful!

2nd Native American Sunset


2nd Native American Sunsets

While they were painting, another teacher let me borrow a book that she had of actual photographs of the Native Americans, and this led a wonderful discussion about the different ways that they lived. The 2nds discovered that teepees were like mobile homes, so that they Natives could pack up and leave to follow the buffalo as needed. They also found out that the Pueblo didn’t live in teepees, and made their homes in the cliffsides so they inferred that they weren’t hunters. What a great lesson!

Great job 2nd graders!

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Here we go! Year number four! Teaching artist at Mark Twain Elementary! I started my career in 2002, in the New York City Schools as a Special Education Middle School teacher. Moving back to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, I continued teaching Special Education and also began teaching after school and summer art programs. Moving again to Houston, Texas. I have taught all levels and abilities from kindergarten to college and am very excited to be teaching here at Mark Twain! I am also a professional artist and designer that shows work worldwide. I have been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Austin Fashion Week, Houston Press, and at the Grassi Museum of the Applied Arts in Germany. I hold a Masters of Science in Special Education from Manhattan College and a Masters of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. I currently am teaching grades kindergarten through fifth and am an adjuct art professor at Alvin Community College.

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