Artist’s Expo

Seven professional artists graced our school all day presenting to all of the kids grades k-5! They are now the inaugural group for an event that will now be ANNUAL!!! So excited!!! We had John Delafield, a potter.     Anat Ronen, a chalk artist and muralist. Terry Fromm, metalsmith and jewelry maker. Beverley Clayton, … Continue reading

Art Club Name Sculptures

Having an hour and a half (give or take) makes it SO much better to get in depth with our projects! Yesterday half were working one project and the other half worked on their name sculptures! And I mean, WORKED! Check out this pose of concentration! The Fabulous results are now on display in the … Continue reading

Musuem of Natural History

This summer my son and I took a look in our local Museum of Natural History.  They were having a show about The Magna Carta, and since this was signed the heart of the Renaissance era, I knew there would also be awesome art to look at! Cue the Medieval Trumpets!     We saw … Continue reading

Rollin’ With The Homies

Second grade was reviewing different types of lines. (horizontal, dashed, zig zag, wavy, etc.)  They would first draw the line in the air, watch me draw it on the whiteboard, then draw it themselves.

While teaching a lesson on lines, I couldn’t help myself when we got to talking about the wavy lines…

Love this job!

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First Day of Art Club

Oh how exciting that we’ve got a new art club at our school! 25 kiddos and an excited art teacher make up our new club, and today was our first meeting! Even though my seasonal allergies stole my voice, I still whispered some exciting news to the new members and made them “solemnly swear” to … Continue reading

Hispanic History Month: Panamanian Molas

What a fun math filled lesson this has been for the 3rd graders! They learned about the textile art native of Panama called Molas! They first drew a large animal in the center of their papers then they could use stencils to make smaller animals as long as they made both sides identical, or symmetrical. … Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month: Puerto Rican Festival Masks

We have a large population of Mexican children at our school, so I wanted them to learn about another culture, but still within the realm of Hispanic culture.

So the 2nd graders learned about the island of Puerto Rico and the traditional masks worn during Carnival called Vejigantes (Veh-he-gon-tays)!

We paper mâchéd but since we couldn’t use balloons because of allergies, the 5th grade art room helpers and I used balls of newspaper wrapped in foil for the 2nd graders to use.

It was most of the students’ first time doing paper mâché and it was pretty funny listening to them being grossed out when the were doing it! But they did an awesome job!

2nd Grade Festival Masks

After I cut them open, the kids painted them. While they painted, I read a story about Ramon and the Vejigantes called Vejigante Masquerader.

2nd grade Vejigantes

2nd grade Vejigantes

2nd grade Vejigantes 2nd grade Vejigantes 2nd grade Vejigantes 2nd grade Vejigantes


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Hispanic Heritage Month: Ancient Mexico

5th grade learned about the original inhabitants of the Mexican region, called Aztecs and how Spanish explorers came and settled the land and therefore the natives came to speak the language of the explorers. I was so excited that when I’d went to an arts festival, there were Aztec Dancers there, so I had to … Continue reading

Hispanic Heritage Month: Modern day Mexico

We started this lesson talking about the word “Hispanic”, and that in the eyes of the United States government, this term applies to anyone who has roots in any Spanish/Portuguese speaking country. I wanted to make sure that even though we live in Texas, that the kids know that there are numerous other countries speak … Continue reading

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